5 Planter Ideas for Indoor Plants

I was in Home Depot (as always, we basically live there, which I talked about here) and saw some of their $4 house plants, so of course I got some...how can you resist?! But I didn't want to spend more on pots for them, so I tried to get creative. Plus, it feels more like spring with more plants around!

What to use as planter-alternatives:

1. Old candles. You probably won't burn the last 1" of candle at the bottom of the jaw, so scoop it out and plant a houseplant in there! The green and brown "planter" in the picture above was from a candle. 

2. Small buckets & containers from the dollar store/Target's $1 section. (That's what the galvanized bucket is--a $1 score from Target forever ago.)

3. Bowls/dishes you never use. I grabbed an old salsa dish (the white dish above) that we RARELY use and decided it would be a cute planter. 

4. Pretty teacups or mugs. Check your thrift store and I bet you can get some intricate cups/mugs for about $1! Courtney used a teacup with a succulent for our Wild Cedar Co. photo here and I found this inspiration on Pinterest. 

5. Mason jars (or old jelly jars!). Roll some paint around the inside of the clear glass jar so you don't have to look at roots and dirt. Once it dries, fill it up with rocks at the bottom and dirt on top!

5 things you can use as a planter for indoor plants...using things you probably already have! // via @ahopefulhood

If you're looking for actual planters, check out these adorable and modern ones from Oak and Oats!

What do you use as planters? What are some of your favorite indoor plants? Or are you a plant killer (....like I used to be!)?

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