5 Tips for Remodeling Small Bathrooms

Before and afters of our bathroom renovation + 5 tips for remodeling a small bathroom // via @ahopefulhood

We finally finished our bathroom remodel!

Devin bought this house when we got engaged, and he and his dad re-did the bathroom first, completelyyy gutting the room (pictured here and here)...including tearing down all the walls!! The bathroom went from having a blue tub and pink tile to getting light green walls and cream accents. While it was totally functional, we're eventually going to be moving and would like our bathroom to be much more modern.

Here are our 5 suggestions for re-doing a small bathroom: 

1. Lots of white!
White floors, white shower, white vanity, white medicine cabinet...the more white, the more open/airy the room feels (as "open" as a tiny bathroom can get, haha!).

2. Penny tile. 
The floor tile we chose is small, which I think makes the room look bigger since we didn't use enormous porcelain tiles.

3. Lots of light. 
We only have the one window in the bathroom, so we compensated by adding ultra-bright recessed lights. Devin says the lights are LED. I think that's code for ultra-bright ;)

4. Clear shower doors. 
I swear having clear glass doors on our shower makes the room feel JUST that much more open.

5. Something for storage. 
Our old bathroom had a pedestal sink, which meant our extra rolls of toilet paper, bathroom scale, trash can, etc. all had to be out in the open. Now, with our vanity storage, we can put those things hidden away under the sink! Another idea for small bathroom storage is open shelving (and maybe cute wicker baskets or mason jars to hold your things?). Also, we switched out one towel bar on the wall for 2 towel hooks so more could be hung on the walls.

Bonus! What we used: 
Tile / Grout / Vanity / Paint

Here's the before & after:

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