Life Lessons from Parks & Rec

My post also appeared on Buzzfeed here!  

1. Be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do. That means giving 110%, not taking things personally, and being there for your friends. (Also making color-coded tabbed binders, celebrating birthdays,  and sometimes eating waffles right after flu recovery.)

2. Breakfast food is best. 

3. Finding the perfect job is hard, but you can figure it out! Also, make a list of the things you like.....or things you hate. (And in the meantime, work hard doing something.)

4. If you and your friend have a falling out, be a good listener and figure out what happened (even if it was 3 years ago). And then hug it out. 

5. Even the seemingly cold-hearted people have a soft side. 

6a. Lessons on healthy living: it's overrated. 

6b. Exercise sucks but some people still do it. Those may be the same people who think raisins count as a dessert.

7. Don't spread yourself too thin. Commit to fewer things and do them well. 

What life lessons have you learned from Parks and Rec? Wait, you've never seen the show?!? I'll wait while you go watch it so we can still be friends.

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