Things I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

I feel like I should add "vol. 1" after that post title because somehow I feel like this is eventually going to happen again....where I unapologetically get busy and don't have time to write. 

// Trying out different story times with Aiden. Some are too crowded, some are geared for older kids, and some include ribbons and bells and kids of all ages dancing to music in a "music hour" at a library and you're kids don't have to be quiet! That last one's been my favorite so far since Aiden really has no interest in sitting still while books are read aloud.

// Finishing The Rosie Project (per Chelsea's suggestion) and more recently, starting Truly Madly Guilty

// Posting to our Wild Cedar Co. Instagram, building new signs, working with potential customers on custom orders, etc.

// Setting my phone far, far away from me and playing trains with Aiden. It's too easy to get sucked into notifications, emails, etc. and I don't want to miss out on the important stuff. Sidenote: every wheeled vehicle makes the "brrrrmmmm" sound, according to Aiden.

// Meeting up with people. Sidekick (a.k.a. Aiden, duh) and I had lunch with Devin's grandmother one day, playdates other days, lunch dates, playing at a local mall because THEY HAVE A FREE INDOOR NON-GRIMY PLAY AREA!, etc.

// Reading the Bible way more consistently. Skipping days is what took me forever to get through Deuteronomy, but I've been making steady progress in Joshua and--of course--it's been so good!!

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