7 Thoughts When It's Almost Spring

I wrote this post on ways to welcome spring back in 2015, and this is sort of along those same lines.


1. Here we go, distressed jeans. It's your time to shine.

(2. Instead of worrying about cold air flapping around the holes in my jeans, I instead get to realize I didn't shave or apply lotion to my winter-knees. Now everyone gets to see some furry and flaky kneecaps. You're welcome.)

3. When I see flowers blooming but my weather app tells me tomorrow it'll be 30 degrees again, I start giving them a mental pep talk. It's gonna get cold but hold on! You can make it! This weekend it'll be sunny and warm again!

4. Walks to the park/library/around the block no longer require 18 layers and thick lotion applied to baby cheeks to block potential windburn. (Instead, a casual 9-10 layers will suffice.)

5. The sun doesn't set at 4pm anymore! Hallelujah! Earth-spinning or whatever science makes the days longer is GREAT. I love it.

6. Suddenly I get to see my neighbors and chat with them. Nice days bring everyone out of hibernation, and kids are riding their bikes everywhere (which is so cute! Less cute: bells on bikes. I hate them. Why are those shrill, overused noisemakers given to children?)

7. Summer doesn't feel that far away! (In fact, Devin even surprised me by booking a trip to the exact place we went on our honeymoon--Ocean City, Maryland...because when you get married at 20 years old you're limited to the few states that let you check into a hotel under the age of 21.)

8. P.S. This lemonade-with-a-twist drink mix 100% makes it feel like springtime. You have to try it!

What are you excited about for spring? 

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