Neutral Nursery For Baby 3

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The theme of this nursery is, once again, "bedroom." I made that joke when I was setting up Aiden's nursery (let's have a laugh at the photo quality and my "home decor style" from back then! Ha!!). Just like when I put together his nursery at the old house exactly four years ago, I don't have any woodland creatures. I don't have any florals. I don't have any real theme other than "this is a bedroom."

But since blogger requires a post title, me and my wild burst of inspired creativity have decided to call this a "neutral nursery."

So just go with it. 😉 

I shared some of my favorite nursery items in this inspiration post, which is pretty much what I've stayed true to. Lots of beige and white, with a patterned carpet. I still need to get a set of curtains, and the bassinet that Devin built is right now in my living room instead of the nursery...but you get the idea.

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I've shared more about our new house in this home tour and part two of the home tour, and it's been fun to see this last room come together from being a random dumping ground for baskets of laundry and boxes to an actually functional bedroom! (But let's be real, I still might hide our unfolded clean laundry in this room....)

What we used for this simple, neutral nursery:
Dresser/changing table with lots of storage (ours is from FB Marketplace // similar)
Changing table pad
Hanging planters (we had to get longer hooks from Home Depot though)
Baskets ($3 in the Target dollar section a while ago)
Small basket for laundry (plastic for easy cleaning, because baby poop/breastmilk get on EVERYTHING)
Mamaroo (Devin's 2 AM impulse purchase when colicky newborn Emma wasn't sleeping!)
Aiden's old crib, convertible to toddler bed (similar)
Reclining glider (old // similar)

How has your "home decor" style changed? What are some ways you decorate small spaces?

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