Preparing to be a Mom of Three

Since having a three-year-old and a one-year-old, it's really easy for me to be so focused on them that I forget to really prepare for this new baby's arrival. But in a few short months, she'll be here! She!! (Still getting used to the fact we're having another GIRL!)

Most of my day IS centered on mothering two toddlers: cutting up cucumber sticks. Reminding Emma not to screech but to USE YOUR WORDS when she's mad. Asking Aiden to use the bathroom before we leave. Checking in that don't your shoes feel weird when they're on the wrong feet? And now I'm going to add one more to the mix?! How can I prepare for THAT?!

Picturing this new house with three kids in it makes me feel excited and nervous at the same time, and I try to imagine what our days will look like as I nurse a newborn and help Aiden and Emma settle their playtime disputes. Will there be enough of me to go around? Will I feel more immune to the chaos? Will I get to snuggle the new baby enough or will I be too busy helping Aiden and Emma? Will we ever be able to leave the house?

I'm already 27 weeks through this pregnancy, which feels CRAZYYY. And while there's so much I don't know about what life will look like with three kids, there are steps I am taking to get ready for this sweet baby girl.

Here's a few things I'm doing to make sure I'm ready for the next baby's arrival: 

  1. Prayer. Because I'll probably never really be ready. Because there's only one of me and there will be three of them. Because I already fight mom guilt when there's two of them, so what will happen when there's three to care for? Because God is the only one who can give peace and wisdom. 

  2. Eat healthy, as much as I can! I try to take my gummy vitamins each morning with a healthy opposed to just eating the kids' abandoned bowls of cereal at 10 AM 😉 

  3. Gather the baby gear (including what I've lent out). Amongst my mom friends in the area, we've shared baby swings, carrier car seats, baby clothes, and other gear. I'm starting to prepare by getting the gear.....a.k.a. take the hand-me-down baby clothes out of the trash bags and toss them in the washer. Yes yes, you are right that this is very glamorous. When the time comes, I will literally be DUSTING off the carrier car seat that's in our garage that Aiden and two other babies used!

  4. Convince my husband to build a bassinet that will make all my mom blogger dreams come true. (Inspiration!)

  5.  Find a stroller that works for life with three. For me, this meant researching, testing, and purchasing a stroller that could carry a toddler and a baby carrier car seat, then two toddlers. 

  6. Ask friends with 3+ kids for advice. I'm a huge proponent of listening to seasoned mamas who can share their experience. That's where I got the inspiration for this entire post on transitioning from one to two kids--I asked my local mom friends and they shared their wisdom on tips for adding that second baby!

  7. Visualize what life will look like. This may sound silly since I don't REALLY know what life will look like, but it genuinely helps to wrap my mind around all the change. I sit and picture what I will do when my newborn has a blowout poop while my then 4yo and 2yo are fighting. I imagine my emotions and choices when the newborn cries to nurse while my 2yo has peed on the floor (let's pretend pee is the worse case scenario!). This will help me feel less paralyzed and shocked when those hard moments come. 

I'd love to hear from you! How have you prepared for big life changes like marriage, a new job, life in a new state, and all the things?! 

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