Our Tie-Breaker Baby Is A....

2016: Boy.

2017: Girl.


With Aiden, we were REALLY hoping for a boy! With Emma, I thought she was a boy (thanks for nothing, SneakPeek blood test). And this time round, I had no expectations. I was really sick in the first trimester like I was with Aiden (and wasn't sick at alllll with Emma), so I thought this baby might be a boy. But I am just so happy to be pregnant and wanting to have a healthy baby that I didn't have any preference!

Aiden's gender reveal  Emma's gender reveal round 1 and round 2

Devin met me at the ultrasound (while Aiden and Emma spent time at a friend's house), and the ultrasound room was so dimly lit, peaceful, and toddler-free that we literally both dozed off! Third-time parent struggles, haha. Before they ever looked at the baby's "anatomy" (wink wink), the ultrasound tech looked through everything else: measuring ventricles in the heart, length of the baby's legs, finding both the left and right thumbs...Devin said he caught himself falling asleep in the chair next to me, and he was embarrassed but wanted to see if I had noticed. But when he looked at me, I was asleep on the table! (I woke up right after that though and pretended like I hadn't just fallen asleep...) Are we lame or what?! Haha.

Aiden, who's 3 and a half and pretty aware, told us he wanted another sister. He was so nonchalant when we told him...like, "Uh of course it's a girl, that's what I wanted." Haha! He is absolutely the sweetest with our friends' babies--talking to them quietly, tickling their feet, gently rubbing their heads--that I'm really really excited for him to have a baby in his own house. Who knows, maybe he'll remember this baby since he was only 20 months when Emma was born!

I'm SO excited to get to use Emma's sweet outfits on this baby and for our Emmy girl to have a little sister. I am, however, a little nervous about having 16-year-old and 14-year-old daughters at the same time (Lord help me...). Stay tuned for more bumpdates and catch up on other posts like my healthy pregnancy snacks, 7 things nursing moms need to know, and all the baby registry tips (newly revised!)

Emma was refusing to nap while I took these photos, so it was fun to get her involved and take a few snapshots together!

Do you have brothers or sisters? Do you remember any of them being born? 

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