Our Next Adventure (And Why I'm Not Eating Lunchmeat)

Exciting news part 1:

We're having a baby, due October 12! I feel like I've been keeping this secret FOREVER. Darn those stupid, stupid early detection pregnancy tests that let you know you're pregnant before anything else would ever suggest it's true.

Life tip: these pregnancy tests from Amazon ARE THIRTY-EIGHT CENTS EACH. And they were accurate. Though Devin did make me go buy expensive ones to verify...

Exciting news part 2:

Not only did we find out SUPER EARLY that I'm pregnant, but we also jumped the gun and ordered this blood test to find out that we're having a boy!! (We used SneakPeek, an early detection blood test you can do from home and got our results 7 business days from ordering the test! Check for a coupon from their FB page.)

I'm so excited for Aiden to get to have a little brother to share life's joys with. 

12 weeks ago I stopped eating lunchmeat and started googling "best double strollers." 😉 

You can also check out my pregnancy announcement from when I was pregnant with Aiden here, along with boy names my husband would still never agree to.

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