Currently // April 2017

Last week's big announcement about baby #2 was a big indicator of how I've been doing lately--extremely excited about how our lives are going to change over the next 6 months!

But besides the new baby stuff, currently I've been...

Accomplishing: things on our home renovations list, like finishing the bathroom and emptying our storage space of all the things we never use (1,000 randmo office supplies, 98 ugly ripped sweatshirts, etc.). 

Feeling: like I need to get more exercise. A 2.5-mile walk yesterday around the Schuykill River Trail (where are these pics are from) kicked my untoned booty and made me realize how easily tired I am after....6 steps. Haha!

Needing: a maternity swim suit since I plan on being at the community pool every day with Aiden, like we did last summer. 

Practicing: how to make framed wooden signs. The Wild Cedar Co. spring batch of signs that goes up in our shop this Friday is going to have a few framed sets! The last time I made frames was....before Christmas? So it's been a bit of "measure ten times, cut twice" kind of a deal but they are turning out perfectly! :) 

Pinning: tips for styling shelves (which I'm terrible at) and summery dresses.

Last April this is what I was up to. How fun to see the changes over a year! Tomorrow I'm linking up with Anne and Jess

What have you been up to currently?

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