favorite pregnancy snacks // 23 weeks

ever since finding out we were going to have a baby, i've tried like never before to eat healthy. i still get fries with my burger on date night, but sometimes i get sweet potato fries instead. i eat lots of carbs, but i buy whole grain breads and whole grain tortillas. i should eat more vegetables, but that's why i sneak them into my smoothies and force myself to pack them for lunch.

i'm also supposed to be getting a crazy amount of protein each day, which has me checking food labels incessantly to try and keep a mental tally of how many grams of protein i'm getting a day.

here are some of my favorite healthy (ish?) snacks:

1// nuts! peanuts are the cheapest nuts, so i buy lots of those and smaller quantities of cashews. and, to spice it up, i crunch up a few spicy doritos and shake those into the mix. nuts have healthy fat that helps skin stretch, along with tons of protein.

2// fruit. or fruit in smoothies with spinach, if possible. peaches, nectarines, strawberries during the summer, bananas, oranges, and now that it's fall--apples. which leads to #3.

3// apples and peanut butter! the peanut butter is a great source of protein.

4// during the first trimester when i felt sick all the time, i ate alot of whole wheat saltines. it made me feel better that i was getting my whole grains in, even when there isn't much to a saltine.

5// hard-boiled eggs. these are also high protein! but they smell, which may lead to your significant other/friends a) turning on the ceiling fan when you walk into a room with your snack and b) pulling their shirt over their nose so they aren't forced to breathe the "toxic air." (not that this happens in the hood house................)

6// home-made popcorn. all that fiber! it has less salt and butter than the prepackaged stuff, and you can use coconut oil (which is also supposed to help skin become more elastic!). i use this recipe without the butter.

and for my own documentation purposes, here's a picture of me at 23 weeks.

what are some of your favorite healthy snacks? 

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