24 adult things i (sometimes) do

i turned 24 last week, and now that i'm solidly in the category of "mid-twenties," i thought i'd share some of my most useful adulting tips.

as a 24-year-old legit adult, i (sometimes) . . .

1// make a budget

2// stick to that budget........in the long run.

3// pronounce "quinoa" correctly (it's not "keen-OH-ah," like i may have thought originally......)

4// call an insurance company and straighten out incorrect charges

5// make a healthy meal in less than 30 minutes

6// memorize more than just relient k song lyrics

7// stay on top of renewing my background clearances/licenses/car registrations, etc.

8// work 40+ hours a week and still maintain a basic level of cleanliness at home

9// stay in touch with my girlfriends even though we all have grown-up schedules

10// shamelessly accept the facebook friend requests from people as old as my parents

11// stay excited about Jesus as i was back in the day...minus the christian t-shirts, perhaps...

12// maneuver grown-up conversation in a crowd when i don't know anyone very well

13// occupy my time wisely (like on a day off--i can be productive!)

14// take vitamins daily--does it matter that they're lemonade-flavored gummies?

15// keep on top of sending thank-you notes to relatives/friends

16// read through a geneology in the old testament and a) not get bored, and b) recognize some names as eventually becoming old testament nations (did you know amalek was a real dude? cue the amalekites)

17// keep (relatively) calm in a disagreement and patiently listen to the other person

18// deal with big medium-sized change (like when i cut my hair or when i got a big girl job)

19// remember to tithe regularly (although being able to do that online really helped)

20// wear good footwear as opposed to sacrificing style for comfort...like how i only wore heels to teach in once and never made that mistake again!

21// compose a professional email/resume/etc. 

22// plan for the future using big words like "investments" and "home equity"

23// get a credit card!! finally! and no one had to co-sign to validate my existence! so now i can start building good credit!
24// keep my library fines under $10 (because after $10 they don't let you check things out, so.........)
what would be on your list of grown-upy things you do?

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