the first ultrasound

dear baby,

i cried as soon as i saw your face on the ultrasound screen. you are so beautiful, so perfectly crafted. i tried to pull it together and brush the tears away sneakily, but as the tech kept moving the wand around and showing us your kidneys, the 4 chambers of your heart, your head's measurements and sneaky tears were probably pretty obvious.

and then the ultrasound tech told us she was moving towards the legs....and "it's a boy!" made me gasp aloud in excitement.

you are so beautiful, so perfectly crafted. Jesus did an amazing job when he made you--and i can't wait to meet you for real this winter!

if another doctor wants to schmeer warm jelly on my belly and look at you again, i will not be protesting! (although i might ask for them to not jam that wand around like they're trying to dig out my spleen.) ultrasounds are the best thing ever, since it means i get to see you before you make your grand entrance. your dad and i had been counting down the days for over a month.

happy 22 weeks, bebito!


p.s. i know i already made this request, but if you could also start to kick when your grandmas/great-grandmothers are around, i know they would really appreciate that. i want them to get to feel your movements, too!

p.p.s. your 3D picture is a little blurry, but that's because the umbilical cord got in the way. and the regular ultrasound picture is of the profile of your little face. :)

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