Chanticleer Garden in Summer

Thanks to everyone who was so kind and excited for us on Instagram and in this post when we announced we're having another GIRL! Yay! 

Two weeks ago, we headed out on a new adventure! I am grateful for friends that don't shy away from sweaty, outdoor summer adventures when it's 90 degrees and 99% humidity. Let me start there. I'm ALSO grateful for the local library that offers museum passess that you can check out like books, and thus go places FO FREE.

Once again, we grabbed passes from the library, invited friends, and headed to a new-to-us arboretum called Chanticleer Garden It was ENORMOUS. We've gone to Morris Arboretum a ton (and even had our own membership there one year), which is plenty fun to walk through and see model trains, luscious gardens, and a small cabin by the creek. But Chanticleer Garden feels WAY bigger, and the gardens are more elaborate. At the risk of sounding like a 75-year-old horticulturist for being so obsessed with the garden styles and flowers.....the beautiful garden setups were incredible to look at. Something colorful was blooming everywhere!

We've loved going to other local things like Maple Acres Farm in the summer and Tabora Farm in the fall, and this is definitely something we'll add to our fall list! That's the fun part, I'm sure the blooms and plants look different in every season!

The kids loved running up and down the paved trails, and there were adirondack chairs set up in random locations. If I were coming by myself (LOL, what an unlikely dream), I would bring a book and just go from a chair with one beautiful view to another. There were also a few groups of retired-age women who brought their lunches (and a cute tablecloth, I kid you not) and sat at picnic tables, which seems like such a fun and cute spot for meeting up!

The only downside, if you ever make it to Chanticleer, is that the bathrooms are only at the main entrance. There didn't seem to be anyyyyy over the acres and acres of grounds that they have. I'm glad I didn't attempt this with a potty-training Emma! Super reliable Aiden did totally fine though. ;)

What summer adventures have you been on? Are you a stay-in-the-AC type, or a get-out-there-and-who-cares-if-we-sweat type? 

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