8 Maternity Staples for Every Season

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I have been pregnant in every single season. I was pregnant with Aiden from March to January, then I was pregnant February to October with Emma. And here I am again, due in January!

That means that I've acquired lots of maternity clothing...And, thanks to my beautiful, stylish and similarly-sized sister-in law, we have a huge bin of maternity clothes that we just pass back and forth which has helped me see all the favorite and best maternity wardrobe staples we need for every season!
When I was pregnant the first time, I wrote things like this post where I was like "oh hey, I'm casually 20 weeks pregnant don't need maternity pants so I just do this button-rubber-band trick." UGHHH. I am rolling my eyes SO HARD at myself. Not needing maternity pants at 20 weeks? Who WAS I?! (Unless that's you, too, in your second trimester and still not needing maternity pants. You are a winner.) My stomach was never flat after having Emma, so getting pregnant this time made my belly IMMEDIATELY start showing. Keeping that pooch hidden in the first trimester was tough!! Once the secret is out, you can wear maternity clothes that show off your bump, which is fun.

These are some of my favorite maternity items for every season:

  1. Overalls, shorts or long pants depending on the season. These are my new obsession, and despite my cheap self, I splurged for these and have been wearing them to death ever since. I'm 5'6" and love my size medium. 

  2. Maternity leggings (below the bump). I've got a pair that goes above the bump, too, and I just don't love them. I got a very basic pair (like this!) that have lasted me through two pregnancies AND I wore them when not pregnant, and they are just now (3 years later) getting see-through and ready to be replaced. HIGHLY recommend. This pair is a two-pack and is under $30!!

  3. A few nice dresses for the season. Check out the adorable ones Roolee has! 

  4. Stretchy tanks to layer with sweaters or wear with a long necklace in summer, like this one which I'm wearing in size small.

  5. Shorts, below the bump and over. I'm wearing this pair in the photos and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. This is a super cute pair of distressed over-the-bump shorts I love and have something similar to! When my bump isn't huge yet, the below the bump shorts are more comfortable for me. But once that baby is riding lowww and I'm in my third trimester, the below the bump shorts' band felt too tight.

  6. Two good pairs of jeans. I found multiple pairs of maternity pants at thrift stores, but have loved owning two exactly the same pairs of these maternity jeans/jeggings

  7. Maxi dresses because they're the laziest, best thing to make you look fancy. This one's under $25 and has pockets, plus you could nurse in it when you're not pregnant! I also love this simple dress that's easy to dress up or down. 
  8. Solid, neutral shirts (easy to pair with fun accessories like headbands, necklaces, sweaters, etc.

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