maternity clothing tips

starting the school year with a baby bump that keeps on growing has forced me to get creative with outfits! i can't believe i'm 20 weeks today!!!!! but that means i've got a long road ahead of me for dressing as a teacher as my middle section just gets bigger and bigger. i do have a few tips that have worked for me so far.

maternity clothing tips:

1// hit up the thrift store! i found a SUPER comfortable pair of maternity pants that are dressy enough for school. their price? A DOLLAR FIFTY. no lie. $1.50. and yesterday i just bought a stretchy, maternity pencil skirt from gap for $6. so far, i have spent $14.20 on maternity clothes, and i think i'm set.

2// stretchy target shirts. the plain v-necks that are long, and because they aren't officially maternity shirts, they aren't expensive! i dug out a few old ones and have been wearing the crap outta them.

3// skirts. i really can't fit in my pants anymore.

4// i realized i can squeeze into some of my jeans and dress pants, but there's no hope of getting them zippered & buttoned. so, i invented this trick!! (or i read about it years ago and my subconscious reminded me of it.)

5// re-work your pre-pregnancy clothes. i have a stretchy pencil skirt that i now situate under my belly, and i have a few skimpy stretchy dresses (similar to this one) that i now wear as shirts to cover #4's pants solution (as seen in all of this post's pictures!). 

any suggestions? what are your favorite maternity outfits that you've worn or seen on others?

remember when i barely had a bump at 17 weeks?  and it was even smaller at 15 weeks...

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