because isn't amazon the best

this isn't a sponsored post. it's just me getting really excited about something. 

devin accidentally signed us up for amazon prime a few months ago....BEST MISTAKE EVER. the 100-something dollars up front kinda hurt, but we've probably already saved half of that anyway by being able to get free shipping. plus all the shows you can watch.

and now, amazon has further won me over by starting this program! reviewsio. (did you see me tweet about it? I'M SO EXCITED.) you get products for free/for a discount, and all you have to do is review them. you earn points by commenting on people's reviews, writing reviews, and going on the reviewsio website.

if you want to sign up, go here. (and if you sign up, i get bonus points!)

what are some of your favorite ways to get free stuff? do you use swagbucks?

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