care package magnets

my sister lisa moved down to the south to start her freshman year of college, and i'm already ready for her to come back. (it's been about a month, so that's enough time, right? ;) #needyoldersister) since she's so far away and i miss her and all that, i decided to send her a little care package. the goal was to fill it with things she needed (her glasses that came in after she left) and little things to spruce up her dorm room.

besides a pretty embarrassing framed picture of us circa 2007, i decided to make her some magnets. they're light and flat, so they wouldn't take up much space in the package!

you need:
// magnet adhesive "paper" (like this). it's stronger than just putting strips of magnets on the back of your decoration.
// cardstock
// glitter, watercolors, or whatever you'd like to use to decorate it!

what to do:
1// decide how big you want your set of magnets. cut the magnets into whatever shape you'd like.
2// trace the cut magnets onto the cardstock.
3// decorate the cardstock, wait for it to dry, then cut it out.
4// my biggest tip is to make sure the edges of the cardstock and magnetic backing line up. you don't want any extra paper hanging over the edge of magnet, or it'll bend/curl a little.

*also, feel free to dip a make-up brush in regular glue and paint the glitter on. game-changer!
**also also. i recognize this is the easiest (dumbest?) diy ever. i am fully aware. ;)

who would you send a care package to? any friends far away?

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