turning 24 // a letter to baby hood

dear baby,

your mom is 24 today, and i'm celebrating my last birthday without having met you. next year, you'll be 7-8 months old,  which is crazy to think about!

your dad and i love you so much, and although january 30 (pleeease don't be late!) feels so far away, we're enjoying all the new changes along the way. you've been kicking a ton this past week, which is such a relief because last week you kinda took the week off and i could only feel the vague pressure of your whole body changing positions. this week, you were stretching and kicking your little limbs--for almost 3 hours on wednesday your dad and i got to feel your tiny punches. your dad's hands covered almost half of my belly, and he stayed in the neck-cramping, leaned-over position for so long just so he could feel your movements. did you hear him tell you he loves you?

yesterday you were 21 weeks. this week, as you grow eyebrows and eyelids, we get to find out if you're a girl or boy--and either way, we are going to be ecstatic. please cooperate with the ultrasound tech! we've been waiting for what feels like foreverrrrr to find out if you're a girl or boy!!

you're going to be the oldest kid, just like i am. we've already got that in common! i can't wait to see you be a big brother or big sister to more little ones. (is that weird to think about before you're even born?) your aunt lisa, uncle dan, and aunt becky are now such great friends to me, and we have so much fun whenever we all get together (plus we've got all our family-related inside jokes). i hope you become friends with the ones younger than you.

i can't wait to speak to you in Spanish and read you stories and nurse you and snuggle you and play worship songs on the piano for you. you are so loved, mi bebito.


p.s. delivering you doesn't scare me, but i'd rather not be pushing for 24 hours. so, do what you can about that.

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