the start of school // teacher style

what better way to reflect on my second year of teaching than with an outfit pic?

the start of school has been a wonderful jump back into the subject i love and the students i love to teach. and by that, i mean i got a little behind on grading for a second and my feet are tired and i can't drink enough water to talk 8 hours a day. actually, though, this second year is just as exciting at my first year, except that i have wayyyy more confidence about all my plans. i realize i still have lots to learn and i will never stop trying to be a better teacher, but it's nice to be working through material and scheduling projects after getting a baseline for what to expect.

(did that make any sense? probably not. i digress.)

i'm also teaching a photography/yearbook elective to juniors and seniors, so throwback to my senior year when i took film photography and was the unofficial yearbook editor. what whaaaat.

so here's to year 2 of projects! and interactive speaking activities! and my dorky awkward classroom humor!

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