fun money // vol. 1

a while back, devin started reading mr. money mustache. and then finances sort of became a hobby for him. in my mind, i was like, ummm finally you will now understand my cheapskate ways! and we can both be thrifty together! (not that he ever spent frivolously. he just didn't want to be burdened to write it all down.)

when devin started get on the invest-save-rinse-and-repeat thing, i read some post by some blogger that i can't find even though i just searched and re-searched and searched again...about how she (the blogger i can't find) budgets spending money by calling it "blow money" and she and her husband can't bother each other about whatever they use that money for because it's for fun stuff. the wants, not the needs.

we've been doing that since june, and it's helped me track my spending SO WELL. before pitching the fun money idea to newly-budget-loving devin, i had no idea how much i actually spent a month. i tried to be cheap, but i didn't keep any record of it! we picked $75 each as our "fun money" number, which could change based on income changes in the future, but for now, it works for us.

if we go over, it comes out of the next month.

this is what august looked like:

$11.50 at the craft store
$1.50 dinner with christie thanks to a gift card!
$11 pool pass/dinner with friend
$15.50 beach trip with sister and a friend
$7 lunch with friend
$15 gift for mentor teacher
$28.50 parking ticket
$4 wawa with sister-in-law
$10.80 lunch with friend
$4.60 starbucks with friend
$3 panera
$6.50 crafting with sister-in-law


 $118.90 wayy over $75.

which means i went over budget, and bc of how july went...i'm here in september with a $63.60 limit. can't wait to check in and see how the month goes!

how do you track fun purchases and spending? 

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