19 weeks // baby's first kicks

I FELT THE BABY KICK! here's how it went down:

after dinner (home-made creamy chicken and potato and veggie soup) on tuesday , devin and i were laying in bed watching tv, when i felt a little ripple in my abdomen. i put my hand on my stomach, and sure enough--baby hood kept flipping around. i called devin over, and he put his hand where i showed him, and for a silent moment, we just waited and looked at each other and got ridiculous grins on our faces. he felt it, too.

since baby hood's acrobatics on tuesday (maybe all the dairy made him/her wake up?), i've been randomly calling devin over and grabbing his hand to put on my stomach because every time the baby moves, i want him to feel it, too.

in spanish class, after lunch, sitting on the train--i feel lil hood move all the time. it's not constant, but it's fairly often. i'm just going about my day, and BAM. tiny punch. from the little person inside me!

other fun facts:

// 7-8 pounds gained
// barely squeezing into regular clothes, and trying to wear skirts above my bump to school!

happy saturday and 3-day weekend!!

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