lie to me

it's been one of my favorite shows since it first came on when i was in high school (along with veronica mars, can i get an amen?), and i've been watching through the old seasons on the ole netfleezy.

the main character has studied the science of facial expressions, and he can tell when someone's lying. and, because it's tv, he usually figures out why they're lying and solves some elaborate crime.

it got me thinking, though, about lying. in my bible study last week, we talked about really knowing Jesus and how drawing closer to him will make awkward things like telling people about Jesus less awkward. because we won't care what others think.

but in spending lots of time with Jesus and his word, suddenly telling the truth in hard situations isn't that difficult. all the little exaggerations and lies of omission to make myself look better seem dumb and useless.

following Jesus means following him into his high standards that he's set for us (like how the Bible said don't let there be even a hint of immorality), and he's said a lot about being careful with words. it's not like i'm a wild, outta control liar, but that's when we start to get comfortable. right? when i'm not involved in big and obvious sins, i think i'm fine.

and it's the conviction of the Holy Spirit that reminds me i'm not.

that even a little white lie is, in fact, starkly not the truth.

what has God been showing you recently?

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