DIY canvas word art

happy september! remember my ombre canvas art? i still had my paint left over, and so when my my sister-in-law suggested we try this diy. of course i was down! we went online, found some craft store coupons (#imacheapskate) and headed out in search of letters, a canvas, and some paints.

the process is really simple. no numbered list required here: glue on letters, and paint the canvas. whoopee! barely any skill involved (which i can attest to.) i will, however, add a few of my own tips:

*the glue gun is my preferred method of letter-adhesion.

*get a medium-sized brush to paint the edges of the letters. my big brush got too much paint pooling around the letters, and my tiny watercolors brush couldn't really scoop all the extra paint out very well.

*fancy schmancy acrylic paint is totally fine, but so is my latex-based sample jar of wall paint.

*look around for wooden letters. at one store, all we found were stick-on felt and foam letters. not ideal.

and here are both of our projects. (hers has a really pretty sheen to it because of the silver paint she lightly brushed over the whole canvas.)

 this is definitely getting hung in our baby's room! in case the extra-cheesy phrase on the canvas didn't already suggest that ;)

what phrase would you hang up? have you ever done something like this little project?

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