answers to the 5 typical pregnancy questions

this month, i've shared how we announced the news to parents and grandparents and my thoughts on 17 weeks. glad you stopped by today!

when you announce that you're having a baby, suddenly people start pulling out their shockingly similar lists of what they'd like to know about said baby. and everyone has the same list of questions, because they probably collaborated on it at a convention of "So Someone You Know Is Expecting." all that to say, i've narrowed it down here to the top 5 most-asked questions.

i like the questions, but i usually feel bad for the people around who are now trapped into pretending to be excited to hear my answers. (also, if you're ok with real talk--i feel bad for dominating the conversation with my answers about ME! and MY BABY! and THIS MIRACLE OF LIFE!).

or, maybe you're too shy to ask but you really were wondering.

here goes.

1// were you guys trying?

were we gettin it on because we're a hot, young married couple? no answer needed. but if you meant trying to get pregnant...the answer is yes. although we thought it would take a lot longer, based on what people around us said and what the internet said about how it can typically take 6-12 months to conceive. so God's timing surprised us.

2// is it a girl or boy?

we'll find out september 25! hopefully. assuming our little hood cooperates with the ultrasound tech.

3// (usually asked in quick succession with #2) are you going to find out if it's a girl or boy?

yes! since we're pregnant, we clearly don't have tons of self control (ha. that was a joke. sort of). but YES we are going to find out. we have been all turk and carla from scrubs and saying, "boy boy boy, very tall boy" although we'd be elated to have either.

4// will you go back to work after the baby comes?

yes! but in like, 10 years or whatever when i'm done popping out kids. although it was an EXTREMELY tough (read: tear-filled) decision, teaching is a dream that can be put off but starting a family can't be put off in the same way.

5// have you picked out any names?

not really, but even when we do they will be top secret! so don't be offended when we give vague, non-answers even though you and i are super tight and you swear you can keep a secret.

you're welcome to ask questions! anything else you usually ask your pregnant friends? :) 

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