jello popsicles

i've been on a smoothie kick this summer, since i'm trying to get all the vitamins/antioxidants/healthy things possible for baby Hood, but sometimes you just need a cold snack. my jolly-rancher-flavored popsicles aren't that healthy (read: they are super high in sugar), so to make myself feel better, i chopped up some fruit and tossed it in there. 

these popsicle molds came from the thrift store for only $1, but target has some here, too. 

what you need:
popsicle mold (or an ice cube tray, to make frozen jello cubes!)
1 box jello mix
random fruit to throw in
(see how easy this is?!)

what to do
//1// follow the instructions on the box to make the jello. 
//2// once the mixture cools, pour it into the popsicle molds. 
//3// put the popsicle molds in the freezer to begin to set while you chop fruit. 
//4// duh, chop the fruit. (i used apricots since i have so many of them!)
//5// toss the fruit in, stick the handles securely on, and then let the freezer do the rest of the work!

*mine froze within 2-3 hours, but that time probably depends on your freezer.* 

(the texture is a little bit different than the typical juice-based popsicles, but it's soooo good!)

what fun recipes have you made this summer? 

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