living room tour // the details

last week, i shared a bit of how the living room got to be in this state. here, i'd like to share the story behind our furniture and decorations.

// the couches were from devin's parents when they re-did their living room. free!
// the "welcome to the hood" sign was handmade by a friend, and the picture from a trip to colorado. the breadbox thing they sit on? trash-picked! 

// remember my post on spring centerpieces? well, i've kept the plants alive! the coffee table was made from our old headboard. 

// the refinished window from our garage is over the one piece of furniture we paid for: the electric fireplace. (and the j&d hood family sign was a handmade gift from another friend.) 

// the wooden decal hanging on the wall are old floorboards from upstairs. the rocking chair was also a hand-me-down from devin's parents when they re-decorated. 

// the organ? also trash-picked! the beginnings of a collage wall above it has my canvas art and watercolor verse, along with some wedding pictures. 

// our wedding book, a nautical telescope in a box, and the small boat with devin's favorite verse sit on a wooden table that was covered in paint when we trash-picked it. we sanded it and stained it, and i use it as a background for lots of my blog pics. :)

// this simple frame captures the hand-me-down loveseat, a chair found at a yard sale, and a window from devin's old bedroom. when the hoods redid their house, room by room like we are, they saved that window and had mirrors put in instead of glass panes, and now it's like a piece of their fixer upper journey in ours! 

chances are, this room will keep evolving as we find new things to hang up and rearrange. :)

what are some of your favorite decorations in your living space?

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