17 weeks

welcome to a very typical pregnancy post with very typical details and a typical pinterest-inspired picture. let us commence.

// it looks like i ate too many donuts over the summer. 

// i've gained 5ish pounds.
// we heard the heartbeat again at the 15 week appointment, after hearing at our first appt at 10 weeks! it went from 172 beats per minute at 10 weeks to 154 beats per minute at 15 weeks. 20 bpm slower, because little hood is growinggg

// my boobs are bigger. and SO HEAVY. my 12-year-old self is rejoicing because i never thought i'd see this day. 

// i have kicked first-trimester nausea in the butt. right around 14 weeks i started being able to eat real food! early in the morning! without the thought of "will i barf this up in 20 minutes?"! it's great timing because i start school in a week. 
// i've been eating smoothies, nuts, thoroughly-cooked eggs, cheese, yogurt, quesadillas with bacon...trying to get those 60-70 grams of protein a day! (i may have also crushed a family-sized bag of spicy doritos in a few sittings. clearly my "eating healthy" plan hasn't been 100% successful.) 

// are cravings even real? usually i just feel hungry and then have an idea of what to eat, and then i eat it. business as usual. 

any name suggestions? snack suggestions? 

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