summer highlights

it's august. more precisely, it's late august. since last year was my first year teaching, this was my first summer off...which means it's the first august (since graduation) where i've known what exactly i'll be doing in the fall!

although i'm so excited to start the school year (and i've been getting back into the swing of things, thanks to events like my school's staff retreat), i'm a little sad to see summer go.

this was our last summer without a baby!! isn't that crazy to think about?! (i'm still hoping for a fall camping trip and/or maybe last-minute beach day.)

here are some of my summer highlights:

1// creation, which meant time with my sister and lots of great music!

2// camping where we saw lots of waterfalls.

3// pool time, especially when i got to bring my youngest sister, becky.

4// family reunion adventures, including exploring post falls idaho.

5// ordinary moments, like... seeing a phillies game with devin's siblings, a beach day with my sister and long-time bestie from church, lots of lunch and dinner dates with another old friend, chopping off my hair, etc.

[today i'm joining the circle linkup!]

what have some of your summer highlights been? 

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