living room tour // the process

we've owned our house for about 4 years (since we bought it before we got married and devin the champion spent his nights/weekends working on it!), and we've just gotten to the decoration stage. the first floor is basically done, while the upstairs still needs some work (but now that we're focusing on saving dinero for the baby, who knows when that'll get done?).

there were points in this process where the living room was more like a stained-carpeted workshop and there were tools everywhere. (can you believe the room ever looked like THIS?!) our first christmas, we didn't have real walls inside. we had 1 outlet in the whole room, which devin installed just so we could plug in the christmas tree's lights.

when we painted the walls, ripped out the carpet and then sanded the floors, it felt like a whole new room. and now? i feel like i'm living in the ritz. i've never been so grateful for outlets a-plenty, painted walls, smooth floors, and crown moulding.

it's still a process, though. what you won't see pictured are the spackled nail-holes above our window that don't match the painted walls around them. you also won't see pictured any close-ups of the trim (door, window, baseboard, crown moulding) because what trim that is there isn't painted and the nail-holes haven't been filled (my job! blame me!). and i know we need an area rug or 2, but jake's furry, muddy self prevents any long-lasting rug choices. we've tried.

but here's to celebrating an arrival into a new stage: decorated and mostly done. :)

stay tuned for next week when i explain how every piece of furniture (minus 1 thing) was free and i zoom in on some of my DIY decor!

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