how we told our grandparents...

it's saturday again, which means another pregnancy-themed post! (but i warned you two weeks ago ;)  )  make sure to follow me @ ahopefulhood on instagram to see all my non-blog updates, too.

i wanted to share how we told our grandparents the big news. once you decide you're going to start announcing it, all of a sudden the pressure is on to sneakily bring it up into conversation or to barge in and be like GUESS WHAT'S GROWING IN ME. to avoid the weave-it-into-the-convo and the big loud statement methods, i suggested we give little gifts. once they opened the gifts, then they could react (and we didn't have to worry about saying anything!).

i have one grandmother, devin has a set of grandparents and a grandmother AND he has a great-grandmother! each person's reaction was absolutely priceless: lots of cheering, "oh JULIE!", hugs...96-year-old great-grandmom even did a fist pump in the air. each time we told someone, it felt like my heart was going to burst, like "yayyy omg such joy that i just want to keep hugging people who are probably done giving hugs by now but let me pull you back in and possible we can jump up and down while holding hands and doing that girly eeeeeek!"

have you seen any fun announcements on pinterest? what other creative ways are there to announce to family that there's gonna be a grand/great-grand kid?

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