links i love // vol. 6

it's been a while since i've posted a roundup of my favorite things that are floating around here on the interwebs, and as i sit on a fur-covered couch (thanks to our dog, don't think for a second we have a mink couch) with rain pounding on the front steps i figured now is as good a time as any to share my current faves.

stephanie's post on 20 blog posts she'd love to read had me laughing out loud in line at the UPS store. (sorry to be redundant for my 3 twitter followers out there who already saw me tweet about it.)

this song by evan craft (it's in spanish, but it's so pretty.) also lauren daigle's loyal--she just has one of those girl-voices that doesn't make ya crazy (sorry, trisha from superchick).

robyn's homemade cinnamon sugar donuts are now on my list of things to try making before school starts and i lose all free time/will to bake/etc.

anybody down to try this slip-n-slide kickball idea? (next summer, i mean, when i don't have a child growing inside me. duh.)

sarah made me want to throw a bridal shower...or at least, attend this one. it looked so fun, plus all her helpful tips. gah.

what are some of your favorite links as of late?

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