a chicken-themed reunion

you may have noticed the abundance of lake pics over on my instagram (specifically this and this), and here's why: my dad's family is from the west coast, and we're the only rebels living on the opposite side of the country. every 5 years we get together for a family reunion--and it's chicken-themed, thanks to my dad's dad's family who were chicken ranchers in....colorado? idaho?....so, assuming your family reunions are not chicken-themed, here's what you're missing out on.

// a chicken-gift exchange (like a white elephant but all the gifts are chicken-related. pot holders with a rooster on them, a hen ornament, hard-boiled egg slicers...you get the idea.) it's a really fun time to see what everyone has picked out!

// a talent show (where anything goes. my dad did a headstand, a little cousin did the cup song, a few of us told a silly story in spanish that no one understood...)

// the chicken olympics. this was new this year, and i can see it being added to every reunion after this. think egg toss, egg relay races...etc.

despite the reunion being held on a super-green, algae-infested lake, we did get to take the canoes out, and we explored post falls, idaho! which is where most of my pictures were taken. :)

my adorable sister and devin 

do you have family reunions? what are they like?! what fun trips have you gone on this summer?

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