new favorite: i am they

another band i saw at creation that i'm now suggesting to you (like good little giants): i am they. 

they're another folk-sounding band, this time with a female lead singer. alot of girl-singing-voices annoy me, but not hers! i don't have any pictures from creation of the band, but you can see more of them on facebook and instagram.

the name of their band, they explained at creation, came from john 16 (i think? or some other passage in john) where Jesus says (about his disciples) "they" will go do this, and "they" will go do something else. and, in essence. we are the "they" Jesus is talking about. hence, i am they.

they wrote a beautiful hymn-like song called king of love, and even made a music video.

my favorite song doesn't have a hipster walking-through-fields music video, but the lyrics and melody are b e a u t i f u l. the line about fire is from this song: make a way. 

have you ever heard of i am they? what have you been listening to recently? i want to hear your suggestions!!

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