how we told our parents...

....that we're having a baby!

we found out we were going to have a baby on memorial day weekend, and we talked it out and decided to wait a little bit to tell anyone. it was just our little secret for...a week? and then we got too excited and wanted to share it with our immediate families. on a random wednesday evening, we showed up at devin's parents house with a "happy birthday grandma" card for his mom to open. it wasn't her birthday. and when we showed up, his dad was in the shower so we had to wait an awkward 5 minutes making small talk until he came down and we could awkwardly hand over the card. mom hood barely opened it and right away knew what it was--and then they freaked out (in the best way), gave us lots of hugs, advice, and prayed with us.

my family was harder to wrangle because my dad had been away the whole week on a business trip, so the day after he got back--early sunday morning--devin and i (rudely?) showed up and suggested we take a family picture because "julie needed to turn in a family picture to the yearbook." (a total lie. but we always are taking family pictures for no reason. so it didn't take much convincing.)

i also made my parents a little sign, since we had to wait all those extra days til my dad got back from his trip!

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