summer smoothie tips

i've been trying to eat healthier (now that my carb-ridden decisions don't just affect my own body), and since i'm 1) not used to it and 2) lazy, smoothies have been a really easy intro to eating things that aren't processed/covered in trans fat/ready to sit on my soon-to-be-widening hips. plus, since it's summer, lots of fruit is in season, and a cool drink is ideal when it's 90-whatever degrees!

i've branched out and tried a few other mixes, so here are my suggestions for gathering smoothie ingredients:

// greek yogurt: my favorite are those 32 oz containers of strawberry, instead of buying all those little ones. greek yogurt has so. much. protein.

// fruit juice: make sure to grab one that's relatively low in sugar and is 100% juice. i just got some pomegranate-blueberry juice and i'm soooo excited to try it!

// fresh or frozen fruits: when i have fruit that's about to go bad or is already mushy, i throw it in the freezer. the best smoothie fruits i've tried so far are strawberries, bananas (frozen gross-looking ones work just fine!), blueberries, apricots, plums, peaches....whatever's on sale!

// spinach: this is an easy way to add extra nutrients to your smoothie. it's got potassium, vitamin a, vitamin c....and it's green. so include it! all the other tasty stuff will balance it out, and your smoothie won't taste like grass.

// don't measure: my best concoctions have been "toss in some of this, add a few of those, ughh that tastes like pure spinach, add more yogurt...". you get the idea :)

one of my favorite recipe so far: 

--strawberry lemonade (i realize this isn't an especially nutrient-rich juice. but it WAS low on sugar!!)

what are some of your favorite summer drinks?

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