camping and waterfalls

any of you guys like camping? it's devin and my favorite (inexpensive!) way to go on vacation, and despite the fact it took us an hour to pack up the car, we've gotten pretty fast at setting up the tent, scanning the park map for trails, and deciding what we're going to do.

we went back to hickory run (pictured above), where we've camped twice before (you can read about last summer's trip here). because we'd done hickory run's more scenic hikes, we decided to use our saturday for a day trip out to rickett's glen. it's one of the few places around that has waterfalls...and oh man. it had falls on FALLS. (thanks to all of stephanie's posts on waterfalls, i was pretty determined to find some in PA.)

the falls trail is an 8 mile loop where you hike down one trail and back up another (sort of like a v), and the waterfalls were BEAUTIFUL. if you're going, make sure to go early! it was the only hike i've ever done where we were surrounded by people. however, it was kinda fun to people-watch and see God's intricate creation.

that's devin on the left. he looks so little next to the waterfall!

i've been carrying around a $4 water bottle from 5 below for the past year--it kept me hydrated through 2 creations and my first year of teaching...and when we stopped for lunch at the top of a waterfall, i accidentally dropped it over the edge. (if it had to be lost, that's a pretty epic way to go.)

what have you been up to this summer? any fun waterfalls in your area? 

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