what 7 weeks pregnant felt like

devin snapped this photo the weekend we found out the news
 (which is why you can't clearly see the double lines; it had already started to fade). 

you won't be reading this until i'm well past the uneventful 7-week marker, but i thought i should preserve some of my current thoughts about what it feels like to have something growing inside you.

i used to wake up grumpy (not a morning person thanks to 7:30 am high school), and now i wake up feeling grumpy and like i need to throw up the zero things in my stomach. dry heaving is fun, but prolonged nausea with no sign of remission is even better.

nobody can tell anything is different, which means keeping this secret is easy. except that i always want to throw up. also i want to talk to people about the fact that in 8ish months there will be THREE hoods in the house!!!! so actually secret-keeping is not easy.

the only thing worse than morning sickness is morning sickness on the train. thank the good LORD there are only 2 weeks left of school. i'm not sure i can push past people on a crowded train every morning to get off at a sketchy, deserted train stop in philly with the frantic line "EXCUSE ME I'M GOING TO BE SICK" as my whole entire body starts sweating in the pre-heave warning. i just don't think i can do that every day.

my boobs are weird. they're weird. and that is all i have to say about that.

7 weeks pregnant also feels like budgeting and career conversations. some of which go well (budgeting). and some of which needed breathe time before getting sorted out (career).

whew. aren't you glad you read that rant? ;)

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