why this is not a momcut

why this is not a momcut:

//1// i didn't decide to chop off my hair just bc i found out i am pregnant

//2// i have a nose ring. clearly i haven't given up. 

//3// it had more to do with the fact my messy bun just got too heavy. #messybunserrday
 do moms get momcuts because their messy bun is too heavy? didn't think so.

//4// also my hair is actually more high maintenance now that it's short. unless i fluff it out and decide to look like i don't know what a curling iron is, i actually have to do something to it. 

//5// in my freshman year of high school, my hair was to my elbows, no layers. and when it was straightened, I looked AMISH. so last week, despite my subtle layers, i felt like i was teetering dangerously close to "homeschooled in Nowhere, PA and coincidentally we don't own a pair of scissors." 

and, as an added bonus, i had 10 inches of ponytail that got donated. 

 awkward self-timer fail. always necessary to include.

now that you've heard my logic, what do you think? mom haircut or naw? ;)

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