28 Weeks With Baby #2

I wrote so many "bumpdates" with Aiden that I don't feel like I need to document my ever-growing bump. The world (this blog) has already seen the progression from week 17 to week 37, so this time round I'm sharing more of a highlight reel than a play-by-play. (That's about as good a sports reference as you'll ever get from me...)

I can't believe I'm starting the 3rd trimester here with this little girl. I'm still getting used to the idea that the ultrasound said she's a girl, since our early detection blood test said boy...(who to believe?!). Just in case the ultrasound's right, I've been clearing out the local thrift stores of their adorable baby girl newborn/0-3m onesies.

Baby girl is kicking lots and making me thirsty, and Aiden loves kissing my belly and saying "BAY-bee!" He's so excited about babies now and loves our friend's newborn baby boy, so I'm excited to see how he reacts to having his own little baby sister around.

Since I've been so big and pregnant over the summer (as opposed to winter, with Aiden), I've loved having loose tops like this one from Pink Blush to wear! Since it's such a light color, you have to wear a nude-colored bra and should probably save it for date night when the sticky-fingered toddler isn't around to schmeer their snack on you (this happens to me all. the. time.). It's so comfortable because it's so flowy (read: it makes me sweat less), and I like to pretend the off-white color makes me look tan 😉 (you've probably heard me talk about their cute maternity clothes but trust me, they deserve the hype)

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