Currently // August 2017

I'm in love with summer, and I've been soaking up all the summer activities like splash pads (for Aiden), days at the park, watching thunderstorms on the front porch, and BBQs with friends. I'm not ready for all the too-early "back to school" and "fall" crap. Get outta here with your fall outfit posts. Ain't nobody got time. 😉 

Here's a quick overview of what I've been up to recently:

Snacking on: If we're being honest, I SHOULD be snacking on these high-protein/healthy snacks since I'm now 29 weeks pregnant....but right now I have a bag of sour gummy worms open that I'm snacking on. (Back to healthy-ish stuff though, the veggie chips from Aldi are SO GOOD)

Anticipating: more fun summer stuff, like beach days with friends. Yesterday, I went on a "mom & boys" beach trip with 2 friends who also have one son each (3 kids under 3 and we CRUSHED ITTTT, just sayin'.) *Pictured above* I'm looking forward to hosting a backyard movie night this month, along with walks outside, pool days, and anything else that requires supreme amounts of bug spray/sunscreen.

Borrowing: The Rosie Effect, from the library...I'm a slow reader and I'm slowly losing interest even though the book is good. Whatever. Let's move on.

Admiring: digital prints like this one and long hair like this

Purchasing: the aforementioned bag of sour gummy worms. On a different note, I bought tickets to a backyard concert that happened earlier this week and I LOVED getting to sit out in a beach chair, under twinkle lights, listening to good music. It made me want to go to more chill outdoor concerts like that! (Did you see my Instagram stories about it? It was so fun!)

What have you been up to lately? 

I'm joining Anne & Shea for the Currently link-up. 

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