Fall Adventures at Morris Arboretum

I'm two days from my due date as I write this, and while I fold freshly washed newborn girl clothes and hope that today will be the day our little one arrives, I'm so grateful for these extra days Aiden and I have had together. He's my little adventuring buddy, excited about trains ("choo-choo's" of course, because who wants to say "trrraaaiiin"?? No one) and running through wide open spaces and watching swans float by. 

The other week, he and I headed to Morris Arboretum where he got to do all of those things. I watched his eyes light up at the trains they have set up, and I helped him search for the perfect rocks to toss in the creek that runs through the park. 

He's got an infectious joy, and I'll do the most ridiculous faces and voices just to hear his little toddler laugh. Everything is so new and exciting to him, and I want him to always be curious and excited about God's creation. 

Though I'm feeling pretty impatient about baby girl's arrival, I'm so thankful for these last few weeks when the days have been full of just Aiden and me, on our little adventures. 

What adventures have you been up to this fall? 

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