Starting This Mom of Two Life

In case you didn't see on my Instagram post, our little Emma Claire was born on Friday morning! We're home and getting settled now, and already it has been such a wild ride of having Aiden meet Emma and figuring out what life with two kids will look like. We came home from the hospital Saturday afternoon, and here I am on a rainy, sleepy Sunday morning, seeing how quickly our lives have changed. As I'm writing this, Devin's taken Aiden with him to the pharmacy to grab a few things, which means baby girl and I are getting some time just us...which is a lovely, quiet break from the fun and mayhem of an active toddler trying to share his trucks with a sleeping newborn!

It hasn't been all wild moments of "wait, Aiden, let's not throw your mildly heavy toys in the bassinet while Emma's in there!" (Though there have already been a few moments like that ðŸ˜‰ ). Aiden has also gently stroked Emma's head, given her the sweetest kisses on her back, and even handed me her diaper while I was doing a diaper change.

Another huge part of this "having two kids under two" thing is alllll the diapers we're now changing. After trying a dollar-store-brand diaper rash cream on Aiden when he was an infant (it looked legit! Stop judging!), I have come to realize that splurging like $5 for Desitin is the way to go. We've been using it on Aiden for most of his life (after that failed experiment with the knock-off brand stuff), and we have already used it on little Emma because she came home from the hospital all red and inflamed down there. Trust me, it's the best treatment for diaper rash that there is.

I can't wait to share more pictures of Aiden and Emma here on the blog, but until are a few I took the day I went into labor ðŸ˜Š 

What do you use to treat diaper rash? Make sure to follow along on Instagram for stories/snapshots of what life with two is looking like ðŸ˜Š 

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