Exploring Local | Maple Acres Farm

 Just a few days ago, we were sweating as we walked through a local farm, and now I'm wearing rain boots and long pants and sipping hot coffee. (Ok, September, I see you with those weather-mood swings.)

Last week, we didn't have a babysitter for our typical Friday date night, so instead, we all headed out for a little adventure as a family (this Friday night outing more along the lines of my date night with a toddler post. And, if you want a laugh, read my post on date night from 2013!)

Maple Acres Farm is free to walk around. They have an amazing produce selection, fields of flowers where you can cut & purchase fresh blooms, and farm animals to look at! Aiden loved getting to walk right up to the pasture of horses, and Emma (of course) wanted to be right where he was. The entire time, Aiden was talking our ears off about the animals: "the pigs are muddy, Daddy, those horses have flies, they have flies, so they wave their tails at the flies..."(Is toddler repetition hilarious to anyone else? I seriously love it when he repeats himself, trying to spit out a whole long sentence!)

Devin and I traded holding Emma and the diaper bag backpack (my new favorite thing in the whole world!) based on who wasn't dying from the heat, and we talked and laughed as the kids enjoyed the animals. We even got to see baby chicks, which were right next to a pile of gravel. You can guess which was more entertaining for Aiden.

Whether you've got kids or not, you should make your Friday nights full of adventure! Try something new, go somewhere you haven't been in a while, or get outside.

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