date night

friday night dates have become a staple of our weekends. it's not the kind of date that usually gets me in a dress--since alot of times we, like thrifty budgeters, are hitting wendy's with coupons. but this weekend we classed it up a bit and went somewhere where they have cloth napkins, not yellow ones next to the ketchup dispensers. 

and by classed it up, i also mean i wore a dress and he wore khaki's. :)

on the drive there, i mentioned how much i love these friday nights that we set aside to spend together. devin smiled, and said, "meeeee too." but then he went on to point out that it's really important that we get in this habit before kids come into the picture (not that that will happen for a long time) because if we aren't used to  making time for "just us" now (when it's theoretically easier), then there's no way we will when life gets busier. he also mentioned--very insightfully--that if i'm staying home with our kids, it'll be important for me to take a break and get out of the house! (and it wasn't in a "you are gonna be a housewife and stay at home mom" kind of way, it was in a really sweet and caring, "if you decide to be a stay-at-home-mom for a bit" type of thing. just to clarify. feminists, put your guns down.)

it was a really adorable moment for us, driving in my old car, heat vents pointed at your feet so your eyes don't dry out, dressed up and heading out...and realizing what a big deal it is to spend time together :)

fun fact: date nights can include watching library-borrowed movies, going to Barnes and Noble and reading books side-by-side in the stacks, laughing at frog lawn ornaments in Marshall's, and watching hours worth of DIY network home renovation shows. 

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