living room updates

devin and i spent this past saturday revamping our living room. as you might remember, it was looking pretty rough, with old, stained carpets and spackled walls (you can see a picture with those crazy walls in the background here). friday night, we decided on behr's manhattan mist, so that on saturday, we could angrily touch up any spackle spots that stood out from the primed walls and then paint! (ok, so the spackle-touch-ups weren't planned, and after thinking 400 times "we are ready to paint!" we would find one more spot that was raised and needed to be sanded). 

 i turned around after doing a wall to see this! isn't devin the cutest? (and yes...we have a pink door...for now).

even jake got excited about new wood floors!

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  1. Looks great!! Love the color and the look with the dark floors. And Jake's ears...I LOVE THEM!