easter thoughts

how do you thank a king who came to die for you? 

it's pretty overwhelming, to think that physical death is what saved me. but how do i respond, when i know that vicious agony bought me back from an eternity in hell? usually, by spending aproximately 3 seconds to say "thank you for the cross" and then moving on to sin and do whatever i feel like (but let's be honest, those are really the same thing). 

this year, as we celebrate Jesus dying and then being raised to life 3 days later, i've been thinking and praying alot about how i can actually show him how grateful i am for the unfathomably enormous sacrifice he paid for me. and mostly, i've decided that means spending consistent time with him every day, as well as choosing him over sin in my actions (although i fail at that, like all the time. like 5 minutes ago, when i banged my head trying to reach for something in the back of the fridge, i said some prettty rough things. the kind you don't say around the amish.) but in the moments when i choose what's right--i choose Jesus--i've found sweet peace and immeasurable mercy, the mercy granted to me because of the cross. 

what i've been worshiping to lately: 

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