Neutral Nursery Inspiration

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Hello, 28 weeks A.K.A. THIRD TRIMESTER!! I am sharing a few "Friday favorites" here just to keep myself focused on getting the baby's room all ready. I know the final few weeks are going to sneak up on me, so I made this little checklist for myself.

I've come a longggg way since putting Aiden's nursery together 4 years ago...and instead of hang a DIY-packed gallery wall of random stuff (my plan for his nursery!), I'll hang a few simple, larger items like a circle mirror and something with baby girl's name on it or a verse. Baby girl's nursery will have a closet to hide away our storage of diapers, extra wipes, and bins of extra clothes... unlike the old house's nursery which had custom shelves Devin made me when the room was my "office."

Right now, Aiden & Emma are sharing a room which leaves the new house's third bedroom for the baby. And at this moment, that "third bedroom" is primarily the "kid fall clothes sorting room that happens to have a crib in it." I ALSO hide unfolded baskets of laundry in there, the printer is in there, and there are boxes of books that we got out of storage. It's a real mixed bag and should probably whip it into something that more resembles a nursery in these last few months before baby girl arrives!

My neutral nursery checklist: 



How has your decorating style changed over the years? What should I add to this list? 

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