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Yay for a month of gratitude and a little trip and Thanksgiving! I'm not quite as hype about November as I am about September (not even the slightest bit sorry about that!), but it's still fall, we can go outside, and if I look hard enough, I can still find pumpkin-flavored things at the grocery store. See my Instagram Stories for all the Aldi season favorites I've found this fall!

I love these monthly check-in linkups, thanks to Anne at In Residence.

Currently, I've been...

Things to add to my "grateful" list this year. I'm going to blog more about that later, but this month I want to take time to consistently thank God for the big things and the little things.

Out the new Bump Boxes subscription! For all you pregnant mamas out there, they send you a customized box of goodies based on when you're due. This month, I got incredible cooling lotion (that says it's for your feet but could be used anywhere!), anti-stretch mark cream that was unscented and not greasy (love!), a back massage roller, a make-up bag, and a face mask. All of these things are something I'd genuinely use, and it was so fun to get a box of goodies in the mail. My kids were SUPER into the idea of "presents" arriving, and they helped me open it....and I (like a rookie mom) let them throw the recyclable packing papers all over because they wanted to have a "snowball fight." So actually maybe Bump Boxes served two purposes: gifts for me and entertainment for the kids?

For a 7-hour drive to the Outer Banks, North Carolina! Dear friends of ours moved into a gorgeous, huge house 3 minutes from the ocean and have invited us to come visit, so we are taking them up on it! I'm a little worried about the drive with a newly potty-trained Emma, but we survived a screen-free road trip to Pittsburgh and a 13-hour drive to Nashville. So we can handle this, right??

All. the. feels. as I read Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. A friend recommended it, and I love jumping into books without knowing exactly what they're about...though I DO wish I had known an newborn dies on like page 10 because my pregnant self was not ready to cry that early into the book! It's an intriguing and eye-opening conversation on race and the justice system, wrapped up in engaging fiction. Have you read it?

Along with my friend Susannah on Instagram and on her blog Simple Moments Stick because she's sharing all the helpful tips for moms of three little kids!

Tell me what's been going on currently with you! 

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