office to nursery // the process

when devin and i first bought our house, we were months away from getting married and i was finishing up my freshmen year of college. in his extreme thoughtfulness, he turned one of the first-floor bedrooms into an adjoining office so that i would have a space to do my schoolwork and plenty of space to store my books (check out at all those amazing shelves that he made himself!).

until recently, we haven't had any reason to turn the wonderful office space into anything else--but with baby Hood on the way, we decided the baby's room would be most convenient if it were in the office, attached to the master bedroom. (can we call it a master suite? ha.)

the floors had been sanded but not sealed, so we gave them another sanding and 3 coats of polyurethane.
devin put up window trim, baseboard, and crown moulding.
we ordered carpet and painted the walls some shade of "white" that is actually gray/light blue.

i can't wait to finish decorating and share those details! 

update: want to see the decorations and other little details we added to the room? here they are!

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